Camp OdakOTa

Camp OdakOTa


Odakota is Sioux for “friend” and Camp OdakOTa is the place to make new friends. Our camp is designed to provide the support needed to help children with sensory processing disorders develop meaningful relationships and have fun. Check out the Camp OdakOTa brochure for a more detailed description. 


Why do Camp OdakOTa?

COTI is Cincinnati's expert in the area of sensory integration. The camp curriculum has been designed by COTI staff and will anticipate and meet the sensory and environmental needs of our campers to promote their successful participation in summer camp. Camp OdakOTa will provide children the opportunity to experience camp life through the support of trained occupational therapy professionals and other staff alongside other children that are experiencing similar challenges. Children will become a part of a small group of six children with two counselors and participate in therapist led activities throughout each day.


Who is an OdakOTa Kid?

Camp OdakOTa is for children who are 6-10 years old and who have sensory processing disorder or related problems. Children will be involved in daily small group activities that are developed and implemented by occupational therapists with your child’s needs in mind.


TBD--Come back in spring 2019 for more details!!


TBD--Come back in spring 2019 for more details!!





Some of our families have found success using external resources for funding of summer programs, check out some resources here.


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